Art at mittendrin

To get a better idea of life to make visible what you can’t see to transform sound and music into colour and form …

Petra Pawlofsky provides mittendrin with her paintings. She has loved painting since her childhood. The self-taught artist has been ableto dedicate herself to it fully for a long time now.
At present she mostly uses acrylic and oil pastels on canvas. Although painting isher red thread, digital images have conquered a place in her art, too. Theborders of painting and photos vanish, as she combines both on different levelsin an image more and more.
To find and paint parallels and correspondences of colour, form, sound, natureand life fascinates her very much. The artist is often surprised to discover similarstructures, patterns, forms and compositions everywhere. It’s music that inspires her above all, but nature and life acquire more and moreimportance, too.

Her personal shows
2015 Open Garden at Memmingen
2014 “Out of line”, at the “Atelier” at Galerie Neuendorf/ Memmingen
2011“Into the Blue”, at Hof zu Hausen (Taunus)
Since 2010 paintings at mittendrin/Berlin
2009/2010 “From the Black of Backyards, colours according to Astor Piazolla”mittendrin, Berlin,
2009 the second Open Garden at Memmingen
2008 “Light, Colour, Sound”, Antoniersaal, Memmingen, topic: music
2006 “Tiefgang”/ “Deep down“ „Ruhestandsappartements/ Ottobeurenand 1st Open Garden at Memmingen
2005, “da sein/to be present”, Antonierhaus Memmingen

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